2015 Participants

2015 Participants

Elise D.  DSC_0522

As of 2015, Elise is a Lincoln Academy junior. In school, she loves debate, math, MUN, band, and swim team. She plays trombone and is looking forward to returning to Haiti.

Alex E.DSC_0503

Alex enjoys all of his Music classes and is working on learning how to play even more instruments. As of 2015 he is a Junior at Lincoln Academy.

Jennifer K.

Jen will gradDSC_0002uate from Erskine Academy in June of 2015. She plays tenor saxophone and is looking forward to returning to Haiti this summer.


Kate L. DSC_0096

As of 2015, Kate is a Junior at Lincoln Academy. She plays French horn and is looking forward to her second trip


Marshall D.


Marshal is a Lincoln Academy Junior (2015) and he plays the alto and baritone saxophone. He plays soccer and baseball at Lincoln. He’s excited to experience a new culture first hand in Haiti.



MyonlygoodphotoLiam D.

Liam is a Junior at Lincoln Academy (2015). He plays the trumpet and is excited to go to Haiti and play and observe a whole new culture. He enjoys art programs, MUN, and student council.

Screenshot 2015-02-02 at 9.50.08 PM Camden G.

Camden is currently a Junior in Lincoln Academy (2015). He has played the trombone for a few years and is eager to help MMO enrich the children of Haiti. He enjoys swimming for Lincoln and going on trips with the school’s outing club.



Emily H. Emily

Emily is a sophomore at Lincoln (2015) and she plays bass clarinet. She’s excited to go on the Haiti trip this year to make new memories and learn new things.

RichardRichard K.

Richard is a sophomore at Medomak Valley High School (2015)