2017 Participants

Emily H.

Emily is a junior at Lincoln Academy.  She is a returning MMO participant, having come on the 2015 trip to Cange.  Emily plays bass and Bb clarinet. Outside of school, Emily plays lacrosse and field hockey, and is a volunteer firefighter.  Emily is extremely excited to participate in The Haiti Trip for a second year, looking forward to sharing her experience with new participants and having the opportunity to work with Haitian musicians she met last year.

Nick M.

Nick is a junior at Lincoln Academy and a first year participant in The Haiti Trip.  He began playing percussion in the 4th grade, and has continued playing in band through his time at Lincoln Academy.  Nick also spends time creating films, especially enjoying time spent working on original projects. Nick is looking forward to experiencing Haitian culture for the first time and connecting with the Haitian students during this year’s trip to Cange.

Maya B.

Maya is a sophomore at Lincoln Academy and a first year participant in The Haiti Trip. She has played flute for six years and the piccolo for three.  Maya speaks German and looks forward to developing her understanding of Haitian Creole through her participation in The Haiti Trip.  Maya is also excited to expand her knowledge of another culture as well as teach and learn alongside Haitian students this coming summer.

Erin K.

Erin is a junior at Lincoln Academy. She has played trumpet since the 5th grade and is excited to bring her knowledge of music to Haiti.  In addition to her love of music, Erin is an avid equestrian and active member of Lincoln’s swim team. As a first time participant in The Haiti Trip, Erin is eager to work with Haitian musicians and experience Haitian culture firsthand.

Chris B.

Chris is a sophomore at Lincoln Academy. He plays most woodwinds but specializes in clarinet, flute, and bassoon. He enjoys math, and is a member of Lincoln’s math team. Chris is looking forward to learning about the importance of music as a way of communication and cultural exchange on the Haiti trip. Chris has an interest in instrument repair and will no doubt help fix instruments in Haiti. He has plans this fall to job shadow a local Maine instrument repair professional.

Abe L.

Abe is a sophomore at Oceanside High School and has been playing the trumpet for 7 years. Outside of school he enjoys tennis, golf, and baseball, and participates in the International Business Alliances Program. Through the Business Alliance Abe has reached out to Nigerian entrepreneurs with the goal of helping them solve problems faced by small business owners. He is looking forward to seeing the overwhelming role that music plays in every aspect of Haitian society.