Fund Raising:IMG_8596

Students are expected to raise funds to contribute to relief efforts at the Cange camp. So far, they supported such needs as supplies for the camp,  student scholarships and instrument repair.



Students are expected to present to various groups and organizations in their area.

Students are expected to make a presentation of their Haitian experience to their school.



The Haiti Dinner:

The  entire group will perform the Haitian and US national anthems to open up the Haiti Dinner which takes place in Newcastle, Maine. Proceeds from this event will be allocated by the Haiti Dinner Committee to support various projects that benefit Haitian people.


Konbit Sante:

Each year MMO participants will take part in Konbit Sante’s Maine Walks With Haiti. This event takes place in Portland. The proceeds from this event help support a sustainable health care system in Cap-Haitien.